Holy Bibble


The Enforcer

aka: Michael #665

A badass warrior and the top angel in Heaven. Why is this guy so angry all of the time?

Maybe he’s just mad that pizza hasn’t been invented yet.

The Orator

aka: Gabriel #664

In charge of anything in Heaven that requires talking instead of stabbing.

Also the proud owner of the universe’s most unsettling smile!

The Devotee

aka: Phanuel #663, Shiva

The top scientist in Heaven and Elohim’s number one fan.

Who says science and faith are incompatible?

The Child

aka: Cassiel #662, Vishnu

Blessed with a vast intellect that spans the cosmos, Cassiel doesn't have the time to bother with social niceties that the other angels engage in. She speaks her mind, even when it's advisable. This doesn't land her many friends though, but that's okay, because she prefers to eat lunch along anyway!

The Sadist

aka: Uriel #661

What else would this guy be other than sadist when he's the only known being in the universe that Elohim granted with the power to burn you. FOREVER.

Let us take our hats off to Sodom and Gomorrah, which I hear it's said still burns to this day.

The Matron

aka: Sariel #660 Ninhursag, Asherah

A mystery wrapped in an enigma wearing a sexy librarian glasses.

She also makes some killer cookies. But then again, who in Heaven doesn't?

The Machinist

aka: Raphael #559

Giving Phanuel a run for her title of top scientist, Raphael likes doohickies and thingamajiggers. 

Though he's not too fond on thingamabobs. That's just going too far.

The Enchantress

aka: Jophiel #658

If you thought that Angels were innocent and celibate creatures filled with purity and divine inspiration, then you've never met Jophiel. She likes sex.

LOTS of sex.

The Faithful

aka: Chamuel #633

This girl's an angel, through and through. She prays and sings and write hymns and visits the fallen in order to bring them back into the light.

She's basically perfect. Except... that one thing.

The Librarian

aka: Raziel #631

He may not have sexy librarian glasses, but he's a sexy librarian never the less. 

The Warrior

aka: Zadkiel #619

He likes weapons. He likes collecting them, polishing, using them, cleaning them, organizing them, alternating between them...

The Watchman

aka: Remiel #601

This guy's got pretty much the worst job of all the angels. Seriously, watching the gate for all eternity? Can't they just get some security cameras?

On the plus side, this little guy's a crack shot with a sniper rifle. Especially in TF2.

The Robot

aka: Metatron

A robotic exoskeleton with an infinite power source, jet packs, a warp drive, and last beam eyes.

And everybody wants one.