Holy Bibble


The Sun God 

aka: Shamash, Utu, Ra

Originally created by Satan as a present for Lilith, this guy now spends most of his time wearing silly costumes and totally failing to hit it off with any ladies.

Especially Lilith.

The Grandfather God 

aka: Yahweh, Anu, El

This dude's is just so damn old and grandfatherly, how can he NOT be God?

The Sky God

aka: Adonai, Ashur, Ba'al Hadad, Horus, Zeus

Adonai is totally cool. He's Satan's #1 guy. Even though Azazel made him, but whatever. What's important is that he's the best, and that he's going to win all the things there are to win from now until the end of time. Oh yeah.