Holy Bibble


The Sex Goddess

aka: Lilith, Ishtar, Inanna, Hathor

Lilith was an afterthought to the bible, thrown in as a suggestion that there may have been a woman before the Adam clone, Eve.

But whatever may be disputed about Lilith's origins in the bible, one thing's for certain. Lilith is sex. Thus is why we've also claimed her as the Sex Goddess.

The Outcast

aka: Cain, Caine The Farmer, Enkimdu

This poor guy seems to have inherited his mother's bad luck.

No wonder he's such an emo twerp.

The Goddess of Wisdom

aka: Sophia, Nanshe, Kothar

Wisdom comes with age. And while Sophia may not be very old yet, she's got an owl. So... at the very least she'll be able to find out how many licks it takes to reach the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop.

Soldier of Justice

aka: Enoch

He's super holy and he loves magical magic. Luckily for him, that combination is a winner when the Angels are involved!

Don't confuse him for Cain's kid, though, 'cause THAT Enoch was no good. He developed a serious gambling debt before being gruesomely murdered by ancient Yakuza.

The Betrayed

aka: Dinah

This girl has not had a good life. Just go watch The Red Tent. It's, like, OKAY. It takes a lot of CREATIVE LISENCES... Not like Bibble. We're, like, SO true to the original source.